Our name stands for who we are at the core, people who Build Motivate & Prosper (BMP). Together we are Building an extraordinary business, Motivating ourselves and each other daily, creating Prosperous lives & families.




A group or system of interconnected people or things.
"a trade network"
synonyms: system, complex, nexus, web, webwork
"a network of friends"

Our Beliefs:

➠ Together is better, alone sucks

➠ Finding the best in everyone

➠ Mastery is in the daily process, not in the end result

➠ Never lower your standards

➠ Always be learning

➠ Implement immediately

➠ Listen more, speak less

➠ Be extremely committed

➠ Accept responsibility

➠ Take massive initiative

➠ Create outstanding value

➠ Always showing up

Imagine an opportunity

That allows any new/seasoned/experienced real estate agent to immediately have all the systems, tools, support, automation, technology, marketing, training, and business model that a top producing mega agent business has. And costs you $0 per month.

To recreate this business model on your own would take years and cost thousands and thousands of dollars with a lot of "experience" (good and bad). A lot of risks. A lot of time. We offer a partnership opportunity to build a career with us as a long-term partner on our expanding team.

We believe that our partnership has more opportunities together than any of us do on our own.

In fact, many of our agent partners have a higher net income than the example from MREA!


Don't get stuck on a "Passengership" team model when you can be in a true Partnership with BMP Network having no risk or liability.

Passengership - A team model where you support the team leader/owner. Building their brand, their business, their name, and their leads. In this model, the team leader/owner reaps all benefit from you as their free employee.

BMP Partnership- A team model where you gain the support & experience of the team immediately. Building your brand & ours together, creating our business as a whole, through your name & BMP, and owning your leads while also having access to ours. In this model, we all reap the benefit from each other as true business partners.

Work from anywhere in our Private Virtual Team Suite

David Queen- eXp Realty

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