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In order to build your Virtual Business Card we will need the following information.

NOTE: If you do not have these, it is strongly suggested that you set them up before proceeding to the order form.

Content Needed:

  • Facebook Profile Link - This can be your personal profile or your business page. Copy the full URL at the top
  • Twitter Profile Link - If you do not have a Twitter account either skip this step or create one! It's free and easy to use and it's a good idea to be on every platform.
  • Linkedin Link - If you do not have a Linkedin either skip this step or create one! It's a great place to meet other agents.
  • Calendly Link - This is an important step. Please create a free Calendly account if you do not already have one (the paid upgrade plan is optional if you desire to use it). Calendly will be used to sync your calendars (one or many) to an online scheduling platform that will allow others to schedule an appointment time with you based on your availability! It's really cool tech! See a live example at Example 1 and Example 2
  • Website Link - This is your KVcore home search website link.
  • Join eXp Link - This link is assigned to you by eXp Realty. It is usually: EXAMPLE:
  • Additional Links - Any other additional links that you would like to have shown
  • Headshot Link - Upload your headshot online and copy the Image URL. This can be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, or even to Facebook. If it is uploaded to Facebook, right click the picture and copy image address or copy image url. Then paste this link on the next page as your Headshot Link.

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